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AskSunday - Now Open 24 Hours


You Requested …

Many of our customers have requested that we reintroduce 24 service-model so they have more flexibility in getting things done when they want them. 


We Listened ...

We are happy to reintroduce 24 hour service starting May 1st, 2012. 

We are now available  24 Hours X 5 days a week



Expanded Service Hours ...

Our DAs are now available 24 hours from Monday through Friday during following hours: 



            USA            - Mon 12:00 am -  Fri 12:00 am  (EDT)

            UK              - Mon 5:00 am - Sat 5:00 am (DST)

            INDIA         - Mon 9:30 am - Sat 9:30 am (IST)

            AUSTRALIA - Mon 2:00 pm - Sat 2:00 pm(AEST)         


Enhanced Service Delivery ...

Because we operate 24 hours, customers have an advantage of getting things done round the clock.  In addition to being available during your day time, when you need us most, you can now send us requests at the end of the day and chances are that work is ready in your inbox in the morning.


Enhanced Global Client Support...

For our International clients (from 40+ different countries) this means that we are available to in their local time zones when they need us most.   

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